Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wavy Haired - No.

I'm on a roll! I did actually update my youtube with another video - so you can go check that out if you like :) I defintely have a lot of good tutorials planned for everyone out there. Anyways, this is about my hard to curl hair. Seriously, my hair and I have alwalys have an ongoing battle. Whether I want silky waves, or perfect ol' hollywood curls, I usually get Looks like its been fried to a frizz hair, or straight hair by the end of the night. I'm serious. This sucks. Let's start with ex. number one.
Example #1: Wavy haired mess.
Last night I decided I wanted wavy hair today. So, how do you accomplish that? I used the non heat method of braiding my hair while it was still wet and going to sleep in it. I did exactly this...
1. Spray CHI Keratin Mist into my hair so they stay strong and healthy throughout the process.
2. Braid my hair into three even, tight braids.
3. Use Aussie Flexible Hold hairspray all over the braids.
4. Wait overnight (sleep, lala)
5. Wake up and spray Suave Extra Hold Hairspray liberally on braids.
6. Mix Water and L.A. Looks Mega Hold Gel and apply all over braids.
7. Wait about 15 minutes for products to set.
8. Take braids out slowly from the bottom up.
9. Finish with more Aussie Hairspray.
FAIL! This is so much product, I swear if an animal ingested all of this, it'd die. I doubt anyone else uses as much product as I, and the result? It looked like my hair had nice waves at first. But, 10 minutes in, my hair looked fried (like I had spent too many years with a flatiron in my hands), and frizzy. That's SO not the goddess, wavy hair look I was going for.
Update: At the end of the night, my hair was perfectly pin straight again.
Example #2: Perfect Hollywood Curls - Sure.
Here, I indulge the readers in another story of my attempt at having those perfect locks. The first time I tried this, I had Selena Gomez's or Miley Cyrus's perfect curls in mind. Of course, that's never how it ends up. Here was the process...
1. Spray hair with both CHI Keratin Mist and Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray liberally while hair is damp.
2. Blow dry hair upside down.
3. Apply a hydrating milk to the ends of my hair.
4. Take out Conair 1in Curling Iron and Curl in 3 seperate layers. (Sometimes I use my Hana Flat Iron which goes up to 450 degrees...)
5. After each curl, hold the curl in your hand until it cools and pin up into pin curls.
6. After all hair is pinned, shoot curls with a cold blast from Hair Dryer and mist hair liberally with Suave Mega Hold Hairspray.
7. Wait about 15 Minutes for hair to set and spray AGAIN with Aussie Flexible Hold Hairpsray.
8. Take out Pin Curls and brush top of hair out to flatten and neaten.
9. Style to your liking.
This yet again was a FAIL!! I'd post up picture of both... but that seems not to be working out, so here are some pictures of... bubbles.

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