Monday, November 28, 2011

How I curl my hair... Cool

So, this is how I curl my hair. I've been doing it recently. It's not terribly time consuming, maybe 25 minutes for all of my hair, and it stays in forever. 
I used a 5/8'' curling iron from hot tools and a conair 1'' curling iron at the highest heat settings. I simply sectioned my hair vertically and used the smaller iron on the front portions of my hair. I curled all hair away from my face. I clamped half way, did a 180 with my hand, and then released the clamp to the bottom of the strand and curled all the way back up again. Near the back, I used the larger barrel to get less curlier hair. The mixing of textures keeps the hair from looking too uptight, and tightly curled. I made sure to spray in heat protectant before and to spray hair spray onto each strand before curling (the key to making it hold). After finishing everything, I misted my hair with hairspray again. That's really it, I have a video coming up on this. The waves/curls are relaxed enough to be worn everyday, and I think they're actually quite similar to the ones the VS models wear on their fashion show (and in general). 
Enjoy loves!

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Med School Girl said...

This is really pretty! Yeah, sometimes I wish I had curly hair (it is stick-straight like yours). Perhaps I'll get a curling iron someday to try this out too! (Well, first I gotta grow out my hair long enough)

Hope school + college apps are going well for you!

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