Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Starter Makeup Kit

When teens are just starting out while experimenting with makeup, I believe that there is a set kit that every parent or teen should supply for themselves.

The Starter Kit
  • Eyeliner: The basics are three eyeliners, one in black, brown and white. Some eyeliners that are of good quality and are drugstore brands are NYC (the 99 cent ones) and also Covergirl and L'oreal. Sephora makes a great Sephora brand eyeliner. Ones I do not reccomend are from E.L.F. and other cheap brands because they can cause allergic reactions and the Brightening Eyeliner form E.L.F. does not apply any pigment.
  • Foundation: In one of the following forms: Liquid, Powder, or Mineral. There is also a 'whip' avalible from Maybelline. I suggest Milani and L'oreal mineral foundations in both a pressed and loose powder. Covergirl's foundations are the best for a normal powder. L'oreal True Match is the best liquid foundation for my skin type (combination, yellow undertones). When one is just starting out, do not apply a ton of foundation, you only need to apply it to the t-zone to even out your skin tone.
  • Concealer: Any concealer usually works, although again, I do not reccomend E.L.F because I got an allergic reaction to it. PIck a concealer in a shade lighter then your foundation skin tone. Apply your foundation on the dark circles under your eyes and on your blemishes. I like Neutrogena and Covergirl Foundations as well as the Sephora brands and this random Korean brand I bought somewhere :]
  • Eyeshadow: Eyeshadow is the most fun to play with, so I suggest the 78 or 88 matte pallete from Coastal Scents. They are only around twenty dollars and are of great quality. Buy as many colo rs as you want because the looks you can create with shadow are infinite. You can even create a colored eyeliner out of a shadow!
  • Makeup Brushes: Buy a foundation brush, concealer brush, eyeliner or lipliner brush, eyeshadow brush, eye crease brush, eye smudge sponge, blush brush, and a angled bronzing brush. I suggest Esscene of Beauty, Sonia Kashuak and E.L.F. for brushes.

Have fun buying makeup!

Source: coastalscents.com , drugstore.com

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