Monday, February 13, 2012

A World Away

A month ago feels like a completely different world. Maybe it's just because a month ago I was in a totally different life situation, or that a month ago I was so much more naive yet, here I am, a month later. Although I'm proud of myself for how much I've learned and changed in the last month, I am always going to be looking towards the future or, what is to come. I think, over the past five or so weeks, I've learned to trust my gut instincts, and most of all how to become a truly strong woman. A lot of girls give off the vibe of being confident and sure of their decisions and I am willing to admit I am not that person, yet. I hope that I can develop into the girl that is fine on her own, and that truly doesn't need a boy in her life as a security blanket towards her happiness. I hope I can realize the truth in that statement and simply forget about men for a short blip in my life and focus on something I haven't in a while, myself.

So, after contemplation and a lot of journal writing, I've decided to organize this desirable change for myself, to make it more attainable. I'm hoping to change for the better, in every single way. I want to be able to focus on one aspect of myself during a one week time period, where I can improve myself in the little ways, and hopefully, over time, improve myself in a big way. There is no time for moping over the past, there is only the future in sight.

So, what am I doing to improve myself? Well, first off, I'm recording everything in my journal, which has slowly become everything. On a side note, after reading through entries from even September of 2011, I can tell how utterly unhappy I was with myself and in that place of life. I think it was upsetting that it took me so long to get out of such a place, and I believe I'm so much more carefree nowadays. Anyways, besides just recording things, I'm focusing on three separate topics: Mind, Body, and Soul. They're all very vague yet, I think they're reasonable things to focus upon, especially with the way I want to change myself.

Mind: I want to improve the way I think about the world, the way I study, the way I perform in school, and my overall mental health as well. So, this includes, reading books I've always meant to and writing the novels that I spin in my head that I've never gotten the chance to. It also means completely focusing on school for that week, and on getting enough sleep to recuperate after a long day.

Body: This one's obvious. Working out! Eating healthy. Watching my overall physical fitness. I've come to realize how good it really feels to eat healthy and to know you're taking care of your body.

Soul: For me, this is religion. Focusing on my religion that week. I don't want to get into this too much.

Hopefully, after sampling what it's like to be completely devoted to these three areas, I will slowly make the changes a part of my daily life where everyday I live works towards becoming better, and the best I can be.

I challenge you to do the same, Change! Improve! I believe you can. We all can.

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