Thursday, June 30, 2011

Images of Ourselves

Glance at yourself in the mirror. Just once, take a look. What do you see? What runs through your mind? It's a little different for everyone yet, it is always so similar. At first it's just a general rating of what you look like that day. Your feelings and mood are taken into account in your own critical rating of yourself. Slowly, it grows more critical and nit picky. You realize your imperfections and pick them out one by one. Pimple below the left cheek bone. Spider Veins. Flabby Stomach. Frizzy Hair. These faults seem to call out your name, screaming for you to notice them. and you do. You see them; they are glaring at you. The last thoughts that run through your brain before you turn away is.. "Why am I not as pretty as... (fill in the blank of the prettiest person you know/have seen)?" or "Why don't I have (so and so)'s legs?" Finally, you give up. And in a desperate attempt to regain your sanity and pride, you turn away from the mirror. Your confidence is shattered. Yet, no one has said a word to you. This is all because of you.

A constant comparison to the those around you simply brings you down. You must have a change in your mindset. Who you are is something so extraordinary, even if you believe you are simply ordinary. If someone were to ask me, How are you different from the rest? How are you special? What makes you noteworthy?
I'd respond with
That's a tricky question. But quite honestly, I don't think I'm any different from the rest. I don't even try to compare myself. Because if I did, I'd know I'd feel like I've done nothing compared to all those other people out there. But, am I special? That's for you to determine. You can compare me in your head to hundreds, thousands of other girls my age. Am I prettier? Am I smarter? Wittier? But, I know what I am. I'm just me. I've done what I've done. I am what I am. Constant improvements come with life. But, even if I never changed a thing about me from now, I'd deem it satisfactory. 
Believe that you are yourself. Isn't that special? There is no one out there who is exactly like you. Aren't we all just so extraordinary?


chynagrl said...

this is beautiful christie :) u go girl!!!

Christie said...

thanks for all your sweet comments! :)

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