Sunday, April 10, 2011

like a freshly opened verona cookie

description for my inspiration after the jump

do you know those cookies that pepperidge farm makes? You probably know what milanos are- two oval shaped butter cookies with one layer of delicious milk chocolate in between them. Yet, my mom became an adventurous grocery shopper one day and decided to buy other things from pepperidge farm from the usual goldfish and milanos. So, she decided to buy verona cookies and chessmen one day. From that point on, I had discovered my favorite store bought cookie. Verona cookies are buttery cookies with an indent that is filled with deliciously sticky strawberry jam. Chessmen cookies are light, flaky cookies with a glaze of something on them. In honor of my favorite new cookies, I decided to show you favorite new things for spring. Adventure. Strawberry. Buttery. Light.

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