Friday, November 5, 2010

HAUL && REVIEW: ELF Hydrotint

I haven't written a blog post in FOREVER! I miss you guys all - i'll start re-advertising my blog again on my youtube channel so everyone can read these things. I'm back, with a review on a product I featured in my October Favorites Video (I'm writing this while I'm uploading it. Youtube says I have 570 more minutes-darn it).

Anyways, I went to target the other day because I needed to buy a few clothing, beauty etc. items for various special performances (i'll tell you guys after the fact, because they are national performances and I don't want people stalking me. haha!) and competitions coming up. I guess I'll haul it up as well- I bought quite a few things.

The first place I went to when I went into target (pronounced tar-geh- emphasis on the geh- when you want to sound fancy) was the beauty section. I had recently run out of my "compared to the Biore recharging wipes" up&up wipes. They retail for just over $6 for a double pack of 30 (so, thats 60 total for those out there who don't feel like calculating that). I thought that was the best deal at target (it is) and bought it. But, the fact of the matter is I didn't read the box clearly enough and it said "gently exfoliates your face". Just to let you know, gentle exfoliation of your eyeballs is not fun. When I use makeup removing wipes I remove all makeup from foundation to eyeliner. I didn't want to have to rub and "exfoliate" my eyelids every single day. So, instead of choosing the pink up&up makeup wipes, I went for the blue ones that were compared to the "Pond's clean sweeps". Honestly, I choose the cheapest ones there, and they were $3. They also had the "compare to neutrogena" wipes, but they were the same price, but for 5 less wipes. So, I picked up two packs of those wipes. I will probably do a review on them later- but I like them so far.

Next up was a whole bunch of makeup- I was going to make a video featuring all of this, but I really didn't feel like filming ANOTHER haul considering i have a HUGE one from forever 21 and CVS that I filmed a few weeks ago going up. I bought four ELF products: a hydro tint in lilac petal, a studio line translucent powder, a studio line golden bronzer and a clear mascara/brow gel. I love most of these products, I will probably do a review sometime soon. After this, I bought Maybelline the Falsies Mascara - but I've yet to try it.

After this, I purchased a pea coat with adorable buttons by Merona which was ~$50. It's actually 70% wool and super warm. I adore this coat, and have been wearing it all week long.

REVIEW: ELF Hydrotint in Lilac Petal

What's my overall opinion?
The color of this product is a shimmering champagne with a silver pearlescent sheen in it. It has no individual glitters in it but rather a silver sheen. The size is pretty small and is in a small squeeze tube bottle. Because it was only $1, I think that the small size is worth it. Of all the $1 line products from ELF, this is probably one of my top 5 (other than the amazing lipglosses!). The ratio of product/quality of product to price is amazing, and I think this product is totally worth it. In terms of the texture of the product, I like the smooth texture but sometimes find the sheen to be a little streaky and chunky. It's staying power is not the best as well and it transfers after a good hour or so. It transfers so much so that you have a streak of glitter on your hand.

Overall, I'd rate this a 8/10.

How do I use this product?
I use these product in a few ways. My favorite way is to highlight my cheekbones after contouring my face with a bronzer. This gives even more definition to your face. Even if you don't contour your face, adding this highlighter will instantly brighten your face and give you a dewy finish. I think that because it is of a cream/thick liquidy texture, it's great for dry skin or powdered skin because it will instantly cling.
You can also mix it with your foundation to add a glowy finish to any matte foundation.
Another way to use this product is as an inner corner and brow bone highlight for the eye area. I like to put a wash all over my lid and concentrate the color on the inner corner and browbones. It gives a nice shimmery base color and is somewhat similar to bare study by MAC.

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