Tuesday, November 30, 2010


things i wish i had the courage to do

1. fall in love
2. go on all the rollercoasters in a theme park
3. make one new friend per month
4. have a picnic outside
5. dance in the rain
6. perfect first kiss
7. wear crazy bright makeup outside the house
8. workout more often
9. make a homemade pie
10. redecorate a house
11. write a novel
12. publish a poem
13. learn how to do a back handspring
14. hold hands with someone in paris
15. curl my hair successfully
16. do daily devos
17. buy something ridiculously expensive for the heck of it
18. throw a house party
19. paint my toes
20. go snorkeling
21. watch a sunrise
22. have a movie marathon for 24 hrs
23. go onto a house roof
24. wear makeup everyday for a month
25. swim with dolphins
26. don't wear makeup everyday for a month
27. sleep for 24 hrs
28. run a marathon
29. adopt a puppy
30. write a taylor swift song

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math_explorer said...

Dear Christie,

Although I'm a guy, I still think that your list is pretty cool.
I'd like to do a lot of those things even though I never have the time and as you said, courage.
You seem like a really nice, amazing person and I'll keep supporting you all the way.

Your fan,

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