Thursday, July 30, 2009

i've been gone lately...

because, well, guess!!! reallyy!



I was in China - on vacation! I had so much fun! First, because of the Dollar to Yuan conversion, every dollar is worth about 6.5 Yuan, and about 7 Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) is worth one USD. Isn't that exciting? Because, then everything is like super cheap, and even if you're just a middle class girl here in the US - you're not in China. You can go to the most expensive stores and basically be a really rich girl, and buy out all the best clothes. One thing though, the styles - not so great. Like imagine cotton candy pink, wayy too many frills, neons, and way too many cheap looking rhinestones - ew. It was soo hard to find something without rhinestones. Do you know how hard that is? I bought only up to maybe, 7 things? Because well, I don't really have a love for rhinestones. But, on a brighter note, I did buy some really cute accesories - including a not real, but super cute Anna Sui wallet! I've so much to talk about, everything really, it's like when I came home, I just had to go and hang out with my best friend! So, let's get started. I've already chatted a while about shopping, so why don't we get on with the fashion.

1. Shopping and Fashion
So, I know everyone is so excited about a ton of new collections, fall trends and back to school clothing! I know I'm super hyped. So, for some reason Teen Vogue has been sending me issues, like 5 of them, even though I'm so sure I didn't pay. But, I'll make a list of everything I bought.
-a black vest with tons of pockets, zippers, strings, it sort of reminds me of cargo pants, but in a super comfy sweatshirt material. And it looks rocker-chic, which is the perfect look I wanted. It's about 5 inches above my knees, from a brand called In>Color, and was 70 Yuan.
-a mustard yellow and black dress, from a label I am sure to never remember. Its sort of a "Business Chic" dress, with a satin pencil bottom and adorable black jewels across a square mustard neck. I believe it was about 160 Yuan.
-a double brested, grey sweatshirt coat for 100 Yuan.
- Velvet 3 inch high stilletos in black with a rhinestone detail on the sides. 52 Yuan
- Purple converse with a design on the sides, 30 Yuan
- An Army Green Tote with cute kitten details, 50 Yuan
- Faux Anna Sui Wallet with roses all over, 50 Yuan
Also, from a "Seconds Shop" called The Garmet Shop in Macau, I scored tons of brand name clothes that fit well, but just had some "non-perfection" if you say. I got a Lucky Brand Sweatshirt (50 Yuan), Jcrew Yellow V-Neck Tissue Tee (32 Yuan) and a Calvin Klein Sports Bra (50 Yuan)
That was actually about it, not much for 4 weeks, right?
Also, I have like this huge BTS (Back to School) List! Like seriously, how the hell am I going to get it all? I've scored down some key items, and I'll put them up at the bottom.
But my list includes, 5 pairs of jeans, and cute accesories and clothing.
I recieved the September issue of Teen Vogue, but not Seventeen, I hope it comes by this Saturday! Taylor Momsen is on the cover - I used to love her, and her super cute, super preppy style, Her hair used to be really pretty, straight and I wanted it. But now, it's different, sort of weird layers and it reminds me of a beaver. I have no idea why. But, as usual Teen vogue as zero substance, basically the amount the models featured in it eat. But, let's not get into that...
Charlotte Russe has a totally new collection, that features cool trends and styles, I can't wait to buy stuff from their! Also, the new Anna Sui for Target collection based on Gossip Girl, how much better can you get than that?? I bet it's going to gorgeous, and worth the splurge (well in my sense of money), like that Tracy Feith leather jacket, that was gorgeous, and worth the $150. I checked out "Miley and Max'' or something for Walmart, you know, that collaboration of Max Ariza and Miley Cyrus? Some suff was pretty cute (like the black skinny jeans, a cute vest and the tye dye wash out tees) but others, were just way too out there, and didn't seem at all like Max Ariza, just Miley - such as the leopard print skinny jeans. I let leopard print go one place, my ballet flats. Also, some things were just too juvineille, even for Miley- such as the vest + tee thing, I hate those things. Why connect them? Real layers is the only real way to go! Miley has great style usually, but her collection, is way worse than Hannah Montana's style.
Because this is like super long, I'm only going to post up this section and it'll become a series.

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