Sunday, December 20, 2009

& maybe, possibly, we'll see how fake we all really are.

so i've been doing this youtube thing for a while - about two months consecutively - things have been going pretty well! I'm almost up to 100 subscribers (I'm at 98 at this moment). So that's exciting. but anyways, i've been on youtube for a while now, searching and watching endless amounts of videos in my free time. And every girl is the same. I'm not saying i'm any different - becuase i'm not. Every girl copies another, and I think i've narrowed it down to a group of 20 or so girls who are the trendsetters of the beauty gurus on youtube. And those girls aren't original either - their ideas come from magazines and celeberties.

and that leads to me to the vague question of - is anything original? what is original? is it simply quirky and different then you've ever seen before, or is it the first - the very first? What does being orignial mean to you? or to me even? I think no man, or no wo-man is original - that every idea is sprouted upon from another. each idea is built upon another. So what was the original idea that thousands or ideas stemed from?

I'd like to know that.

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