Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Best Gift Bargins

Sorry I've been away for so long! But, I have a great post up for all my dilligent readers!! I've recently been searching for some great gift deals for the holidays (I'm saving up my money right now). This is the only list you need for all your holiday shopping needs. P.S. Taylor Swift's Platinum Edition Fearless came out Yesterday, check it out!

For your Friends:

Mini OPI or ChinaGlaze Nail Polish sets are great for a present for just your friends. I usually buy my bestfriends something more expensour ive and with more thought, but if I feel obliged to buy one of my other friends something for the holidays, it's usually just a little mini makeup set (from Sephora, or another high class beauty retailer) or some cute and cheap accesories (like from the Marc Jacob Recession collection). Below are a few budget beauty polish sites that you can buy OPI and ChinaGlaze polishes for less. There are also some cute gift sets in the holiday collection that include bracelets and wallets! (They're only $10 for 2 polishes and a bracelet)


For your bestfriend:

Try a cute bag, or purse. Something that she'll really love. Getting her something personalized is also a great idea!


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